Celebrating Women’s History Month at the VEDC

Last month, VEDC, The Women’s Business Center, and Travelers celebrated Women’s History Month with a Women+Business Conference, hosted at the Airtel Plaza Hotel. Hundreds of women—and men—came to share stories, network, and learn from other women entrepreneurs.

The event featured a Women Entrepreneur Empowerment panel. Panelists included:

  • Pegi Matsuda, owner of Pegi Matsuda Consulting and a VEDC board member
  • Donna Freed, co-owner of Phaz2
  • Yvonne Jedrzejewski, President and Founder of B Kind 2 Urth
  • Danielle Ellis, President of Distinct Companies
  • Rebecca Lienhard, President of Tierra del Sol

Here are some great takeaways from the panel:

“Give yourself grace. Perfection is not attainable but excellence is.”—Danielle Ellis

When questioning yourself, “you need to have faith that you’re in the right place and in the right position.”—Rebecca Lienhard

One of the most important things is understanding the significance of “constant feedback and engagement from your team and the people you work with.”—Donna Freed

To be a strong leader, you need to “network, get involved, and engage with your community.”—Yvonne Jedrzejewski

To continue the celebration, the 2019 Community Empowerment Partner & Leadership Award was presented to Shala Tavakoli of Travelers, a VEDC board member and longtime business advocate; with additional recognition awards presented to the women’s empowerment panelists for their commitment and community service.

To learn more about the Women’s Business Center, visit www.lawbc.org.