THE ENTREPRENEUR CENTER is a VEDC facility that can show you how to start a business with three unique offerings:

  1. The Grow Your Business Program, which has been created for growing existing businesses.
  2. Co-Working Office Space for start-up and existing businesses
  3. Finance Your Business Center for the full range of VEDC small business loan products.

Through our Grow Your Business Program, business owners will be able to access training and consulting services that will enhance their opportunities to create and operate an enterprise that will grow.

Our Co-Working Spaces allow businesses to access office space and related amenities and meeting rooms in a collaborative environment.

As a VEDC Finance Your Business Center, the full range of small business loan products are available to members and their businesses. This is one of the most important ways that the Center can help you on how to start a business. If a business owner cannot access debt financing through a bank, VEDC has a full range of loan products available.



Monica Guevara, Managing Director of Programs, Programs & Business Services

Rachelle Yousuf, Program Manager, The Entrepreneur Center, VEDC